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Aberdeen Hair Extensions

How to prepare for your hair extension installation

Before you can have hair extensions fitted you will need to prepare your hair in a particular way so that the hair extensions can be fitted correctly. 

Clean Hair

  • Your hair must be clean. It is essential to wash your hair before your appointment.  

  • Please wash your hair on the morning of your appointment with shampoo only. Do not use conditioner or any other styling products.

  • Please do not wash your hair the night before as your hair has time to become sweaty and oily during the night.

  • Please use a clarifying shampoo if possible. A clarifying shampoo removes any product build up in your hair which may affect the integrity of the bond or cause slippage after installation. 

Dry Hair

  • Your hair must be dry for hair extensions to be fitted to your hair. Please blow dry your hair before coming to your appointment.

Wear your hair down

  • Please do not arrive with your hair tied back in a ponytail, in a bun or pleated as this makes the hair more difficult to fit extensions to.

  • After washing, blow drying and straighten as normal unless you have wavy or curly textured hair and you are having wavy or curly extensions installed.

Old extensions removed

  • If you have old extensions in your hair, they must be removed prior to the application of new hair extensions.

  • Please book in for a removal appointment in the first instance.

  • The price for this service is not included in the cost of fitting new extensions. 

Mobile Visits

  • Please ensure you have appropriate seating, lighting and access to a plug. It is essential to have a calm environment as this is a process which requires concentration and minimal distraction. It is not appropriate to have family and friends in the same room whilst you are having your hair extensions fitted as this causes distraction. It is not appropriate to have babies and children around due to health and safety reasons. 

Appointment Times

  • Please arrive on time.

  • If you being late results in me running late for another client I would have to turn you away.

  • Please allow extra time for travelling to your appointment  your bus may run late or you may hit traffic.

  • Please also confirm the length of time your appointment will take to ensure you have enough time. You may refer to your appointment confirmation email for the duration of your appointment.


  • Please ensure you have read the aftercare instructions prior to having your hair extensions installed. You must be prepared for the aftercare that is involved.

  • You should purchase the aftercare products which were advised for the hair extensions you are having installed.

  • Please refer to the aftercare instructions for guidance.

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