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Aberdeen Hair Extensions

Terms & Conditions


  • Consultations are free of charge

  • If you do not attend your consultation appointment and fail to provide 48 hours notice, a £10 upfront booking fee will be required to book another consultation appointment. 

Installation, maintenance, refit and removal appointments

  • All appointments (except consultations) require an upfront 50% deposit to secure the appointment. Your appointment is not secure until this has been received. 

  • The full cost for the hair extensions and aftercare products is required upfront before they can be ordered.

  • All deposits and purchase of any hair and products is non-refundable therefore it is advised that you consider your requirements and your availability carefully prior to booking your appointment.

Rearranging your appointment

  • Please give at least 48 hours notice if you need to rearrange your appointment. There will be no charge for this amendment.

  • If 48 hours notice is not provided, this will result in the loss of the deposit as this will be considered a late cancellation and you will be liable to pay the outstanding balance for the appointment.

  • If you wish to re-book, payment in full will be required in advance of any future appointments

No Shows

  • If you do not attend your appointment and do not contact me to let me know, the same rules apply as above. 48 hours notice is required to amend an appointment, therefore no shows will also result in the loss of the deposit and you will be liable to pay the outstanding balance for the appointment.

  • If you wish to re-book, payment in full will be required in advance of the appointment.

Appointment Times

  • If you wish to arrive early to your appointment please confirm this with myself as I may not be ready for you.

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you may have to be turned away if I cannot accommodate you as I must be mindful of other clients I have that day.

  • Please arrive at your appointment time to avoid disappointment. 

Babies, children, family and friends

  • Due to health and safety reasons, please do not take babies, children, family or friends to your appointment.


  • Matting at a maintenance appointment - If a client arrives to an appointment with matting at the root area, I will not be able to complete the maintenance appointment

  • As matting is avoidable and down to improper aftercare (instructions are provided in the aftercare sheets and are available on my website), the extensions will have to be removed and a charge of £30 per hour will apply to remove the matting.


Colouring your hair extensions

  • You are advised in the aftercare guide not to colour your hair extensions.

  • If you colour your hair extensions you do so at your own risk.

  • Colouring hair extensions includes toners, hair dye, bleach and silver/purple shampoo.

  • I will not be responsible for deterioration in quality of the hair or bonds if you colour them.

Colouring your natural hair after the colour match

  • If you have changed your hair colour after the colour match has been carried out and the hair has been ordered, you will be liable for any additional costs incurred such as returning and re-ordering hair.

  • Not every supplier accepts returns on hair extensions due to hygiene reasons. Hair which has been opened and removed from its packaging is 100% non-returnable for this reason. Custom made hair extensions are 100% non-returnable. Due to these reasons, it is essential not to colour, tone or silver shampoo your hair after the colour match has been carried out.

  • If the client wishes to proceed with the installation despite an incorrect colour match, I reserve the right to refuse to install the extensions and charge for the full appointment. 

Preparation for appointments

  • It is essential to read the guide on how to prepare for your hair extension installation.

  • Please ensure you follow the instructions and arrive with clean, oil free, dry hair otherwise I may not be able to fit your hair extensions.

  • Hair extensions may not adhere to oily hair and may slip out after fitting therefore you may be turned away resulting in the loss of your deposit.

Maintenance Appointments

  • After you have had your hair extensions installed, it is essential that you come back for maintenance appointments.

  • Please book your maintenance appointment in advance to avoid disappointment.

Services by others

  • If you have your extensions cut, styled, topped up, removed or refitted by anyone other than myself, I accept no responsibility for any problems.

Purchasing your own extensions

  • Purchasing your own hair extensions is not advised and I reserve the right to refuse to fit them.

  • You must book in for a consultation and bring the hair extensions with you. I will check that the method is suitable for your hair, check the colour match is correct and check you have the appropriate amount of grams of hair. 

Having another technician fit the hair

  • If you decide to take the hair extensions to another technician to have fitted, you will forfeit the right to any discounts, promotions or trade prices given to you. 

  • You will be required to pay the full RRP for the hair extensions and any products bought on your behalf. This will effectively act as a 'sale only' of the hair extensions and any products. The hair extensions will be sent to you by recorded delivery and you will be required to pay for the postal service. 

  • You will also be liable for the full price of any cancelled appointments as a result of this.

  • These payments must be received before anything which was purchased on your behalf for the appointment can be dispatched to you.

Previously fitted hair by another hair extension technician

  • If you would like me to carry out maintenance on your hair extensions which have been fitted by someone else, you must book in for a removal in the first instance. I will check that the hair extensions are in a condition to be reused.

  • If they are in a reusable condition, you will then be booked in for a re-fit appointment.


If you are not satisfied with the service you received, you are invited to attend in person for an assessment within 7 days.

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