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Aberdeen Hair Extensions

How to prepare for your hair extension consultation

  • Research different methods of hair extensions; prebonded, nano ring, micro ring, tape, weaves.​

  • Think about how thick you would like your hair to be and the length you want to achieve. 

  • If you think your hair may be too short for hair extensions please send me some photos in the first instance.

  • A colour match will be taken on the day of your consultation therefore if you colour your hair please ensure you have had this done prior to your consultation. 

  • Please attend your consultation with clean, dry hair. Wash your hair prior to your appointment, blow dry, straighten and brush it properly. Please do not arrive with greasy, oily hair thrown up in a ponytail, bun or in a braid as I need to have a thorough look at your hair. 

  • If you have hair extensions fitted please ensure these are removed before coming to your consultation appointment. 

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